Say hello to the Teknoir Platform. MLOps made easy.

Democratized artificial intelligence for industrial use

AI should matter for your industrial operation.

Reduce cost

Repeat the same tasks with high levels of accuracy while automatically adapting to changing conditions

Work safer, more productive

Focus on more meaningful, higher-value work while leaving dangerous, mundane tasks to the machines

Increase reliability

Predict irregularities, maintenance issues, and other equipment failures before they happen

Industries benefiting from AI


Increase harvesting volume, remote monitor crop and soil health, predict environmental impact on yield


Improve ESG and Sustainability by automatically detecting spills, leaks, recyclable and hazadous waste

Manufacturing & Robotics

Improve product defect detection, streamline predictive maintenance, increase manufacturing yield


Decrease environmental footprint, eliminate process errors, precisely map out and predict terrain

Oil & Gas

Enhance operational efficiency, lower chemical costs, predict maintenance for surface equipment, and improve worker safety

Renewable Energy

More accurate demand forecasting and supply, wind and solar efficiency, optimize grid performance

We have built a revolutionary MLOps platform for developing, deploying, and managing machine learning models and edge devices in the easiest and most cost-effective way.


Manage your edge devices on the go

The Teknoir App is designed to be a digital companion to make pairing, registering, and monitoring devices as easy as possible.


Pair new devices using our powerful, yet simple wizard. Pair one or multiple devices at the same time with ease.


Mobile user interface for data visualization, asset health monitoring, and alarm and event notification.


Powerful AI-enabled edge devices of your choosing

The Teknoir Platform supports a variety of edge compute devices, including those that are low cost, energy efficient with 'AI on a chip' capable of data ingestion, real-time control, app orchestration, and mesh communication to other devices. The Teknoir Platform enables these devices to operate at the far edge, disconnected from the cloud, and fully encrypted.


Annotation in a no-code environment

Our Label Studio, with its visual interface, makes it easy for users to select objects in images and videos using bounding boxes to annotate. This process automatically feeds the model training to improve detection confidence. The task driven approach to labeling is incredibly efficient compared to other methods.


Collate data, train, and upgrade your apps in the same interface

We designed our Dev Studio for programming and configuration around an intuitive user experience. It provides a virtually codeless environment for app and machine learning model creation where inputs, outputs, and functions are configured using a drag-and-drop method.


Discover, purchase, rate, and review apps

Finally, an app store for customers to find and procure industrial ai-powered apps that's as easy to use as the app store on your mobile phone. For our app developer partners, our App Store manages the e-commerce and distribution, so you can focus on building great apps.


Take a look at our instructional videos and see for yourself

Pair & Register Devices

In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to add a new device to your account using the Teknoir Mobile App.

Discover & Purchase Apps

In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to discover and purchase apps in the Teknoir App Store.

Deploy Apps To Devices

In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to deploy an app to a connected device using the Fleet Manager.

Meet our Leadership Team

Jonathan Klein

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Graduate 2003, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering. Former co-founder and CEO of Cimation, an industrial automation and ICS cyber security firm that was acquired by Accenture in 2016. Named one of Forbes’ America’s Most Promising CEOs under 35, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Michael Bell, PhD

Director of Data Science

PhD in Quantitative and Computational Biosciences focusing on advanced computer vision workflows and process automation. Served in numerous principal data science roles at a leading strategy data science consulting firm. Built MLOps infrastructure in support of data science projects. Managed and led teams of data scientists, data engineers, and ML engineers.

Anders Åslund

Vice President, Engineering

Graduate 2000, B.Sc. Computer Science. Background as a simulation engineer, built systems for training guidance and target tracking algorithms for the defense industry. Built a business around automation and DevOps as an employed CEO. Most recently been working on large scale MLOps for a fintech unicorn.

Patrick Bangert

Board Advisor

Thought leader in artificial intelligence and is currently the VP of AI for Samsung SDS Americas where he heads their global AI efforts. Chairman and former CEO of Algorithmica Technologies GmbH and serves on the board of various private companies and educational institutions.

Do you have what it takes to be part of our team?

We are on a mission to revolutionize industries across the globe through artificial intelligence. We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Front End Developer


Embedded Hardware Engineer

Houston, Texas

UX/UI Designer


Please use the e-mail address below to reach out to us and you will be contacted by someone on our team to find out more about career options at Teknoir.

Do you have a use case or an idea for an app? The Teknoir platform can help you bring that idea to life.

Please use the e-mail address below to reach out to us and you will be contacted by someone on our team to go over the details of our app developer partner program.

Interested in being part of the AI Industrial Revolution?

We are actively seeking financing from accredited investors, angels, and VC firms for our post seed bridge round. Please use the e-mail address below to reach out to us and you will be contacted by a member of our team for further details and receive a copy of our latest pitch deck.
In the year 2019, a group of misfits banded together to reshape the future of industry by creating artificial intelligence for machines. The plan envisioned seamless interconnectivity, easy application, and endless adaptability.


industries by democratizing AI so humans can make the machines that serve them intelligent.


to give artificial intelligence to machines by building an AI IoT platform with a developer studio for creating, deploying, and managing applications via a seamless user experience.


to be the premier Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things platform.